Breeding Plans 

For 2021

Purpose Bred, Healthy, Excellent Hunting Lines


VC Wall Canyon's New Wave UT1


Wall Canyon's Hammerin' Hank UT1

Pennhip LH 0.30 RH 0.30

OFA Thyroid: Normal

Early Spring 2021



Blondie delivered her first litter in May 2020 and produced some FABULOUSLY talented pups with Cinder!  I have personally trained and or hunted with several of her pups from her first litter and I can say without a doubt that she can reproduce herself and more.

This will be my first flagship breeding of a Wall Canyon bred dog to one of my females.  I expect great things from these two. Hank is the brother to my Ruby and the son of my Ripley and Martinsen's Mo River Reggie.  These pups are gonna have Good looks, wonderful temperaments, and tons of desire to hunt and please.  Hank achieved the Prize 1 in his Utility test at the age of 2.5 years old under the careful guidance of Tate Martinsen at Martinsen's Red Point Kennel.  I co-trained Hank so I know for sure what's in his gas tank and he has a ton of motor.  Hank is a powerful, big ranging dog that loves the water and ducks to boot.  He's made me proud as a breeder and trainer.    His dad Reggie (2018) litter gave him a wonderful disposition, love of water and beautiful grand looks.  His mom gave him his grit and unbridled bird desire.  I expect these pups to love the water, have a strong natural retrieve, love the open prairie, and have a strong desire to please their owners.  I am super excited to see the progeny from this litter.... I am keeping two if that gives you any indication as to my belief in how good they will be!  These pups are going to be tremendous hunters with full capabilities to compete in AKC Field Trials or American Field Shooting Dog as well as NAVHDA.... it's just how you bring them up!

Wall Canyon's Fiery Red Ruby UT1



Expected Breeding Feb 2021

This litter is gonna be power packed.  Ruby achieved a UT 1 at the tender age of 17 months old and is part of Ripley's NAVHDA UTILITY Breeder's Award Program for 2020!  She hits the water with gusto, hunts tight cover without handling and then can open up her range for the Montana Prairie up to 600 yards.  Her father(Martinsen's Mo River Reggie) gave her a wonderful disposition and trainability to die for.  I absolutely love this dog.  She produces birds for the gun in all kinds of conditions and impresses anyone who has hunted with her.  Ruby's water drive is off the charts.  Her thick coat and skin makes her tougher to handle colder conditions!  She's hunted everything from ducks to chukar and everything in between.  She's headed to the NAVHDA Invitational in Iowa in September!  

Wall Canyon's Hammerin Hank UT1

PENNHIP RH 0.30 LH 0.30

Thyroid Normal


Slavinja C'est Vesper JH

OFA Hips Godd

OFA Elbows Normal

Litter sent home Memorial Day

This pairing is sure to bring great looks, traditional vizsla traits, hunting talent and sweetness to the vizsla world.  Hank is a Prize 1 Utility dog that has demonstrated his award winning talents in the competitive field as well as the hunting field.  He's hunted ducks, upland, and tested in extreme heat as well as endured extreme cold.  His 60 lb build will contribute some solid muscle and strength to Vespers traditionally beautiful looks.  Vesper was imported from the Czech Republic by Brandon Johnson and he's tested her in AKC and in the duck marsh as well as the grouse/woodcock woods of the east.  She's a naturally cooperative, biddable dog with an extremely sweet temperament.  This girl is half sister to Laszlo, the pup I imported from Poland a couple of years ago and related by sire....  

Look up this pedigree on:

We expect pups that will excell in the home as well as the field with a willingness to please.  Contact me for more info!

Previous Litters in 2020

GCH CH Alpine's Playing with Fire UT3

Cinder paired with Blondie in 2020 to produce a fabulously talented group of puppies!  I couldn't be happier with these babies and expect HUGE things from several of them!

The combination of brains and beauty between Blondie and Cinder will assuredly appear in these pups!  We are so excited about this because it's bringing all of those qualities I require in my dogs.  Blondie's love of water, her desire to run a forward race, her cooperation and sweet temperament will be paired with a great representative of all those qualities as well.  Cinder is 55lbs of raw hunting dog power. This boy LOVES duck hunting, upland hunting, field trialing, and SNUGGLING.

His good looks will also complement Blondie's beauty and brains.  He's got quite the resume for a young three year old dog.....  these pups will for sure be people pleasers!  This litter between Blondie and Cinder has been highly anticipated and we expect them to arrive sometime this late winter or spring 2020!  Get on this list as soon as you can!



PENHIP - LH 0.21 RH 0.19


Puppies all spoken for and sent to their new homes May 1st 2020

The pups in this litter are truly special.  They've exceeded all of my expectations as a breeder and they have done AMAZING in the field thus far.  I'm looking forward to training three of these impressively talented progeny in 2021.   Wall Canyon's Rumor has it and Wall Canyon's Red Ale River both achieved Prize 1 in their Natural Ability Tests at 6 months old!  To say we achieved our goals with this breeding is an understatement!

This is a very select and special breeding between two powerhouse dogs that are have  produced amazing hunting dogs for the field and water.  

 Both parents are NAVHDA titled, have extensively hunted and have been trained by myself. Kiddo is simply amazing in looks, drive, biddability, and talent. I expect he will compliment Ripley's amazing water and retrieve drive nicely.

He's matured into one heck of an animal and has a superb personality to match his hunting work ethic and looks.  Both the Martinsen's and I are keeping a pup from this litter if that is enough testimonial to how good we think these pups will be!  This litter is planned to happen in the next few months per Ripley's willingness!  Pups ready to go home early spring 2020!




6 out of 10 pups tested

3 Prize 1 112 Pts

1 Prize 1 110 Pts

2 Prize 2 108 Pts


VC Martinsen’s Mo River Reggie Navhda UT 1

Penn Hip: Right and Left .24

OFA Thyroid: Normal

Reggie became a VERSATILE CHAMPION!  Trained and Handled by Phil Meyer, this dog exhibits all of what a great dog exemplifies.  He gave his pups wonderful temperaments, great looks, and tons of go.  Reggie is a wonderful boy with a sweet and gentle disposition and he has grit in the field which is a great combination.  This boy is out of VC Martinsen’s Lil Pheasant Popper MH x CH Kivalo’s Milo Man at Martinsen UT 1 MH. He is owned and loved by Philip Meyer and Cindy Meyer! 

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