Wall Canyon Wailin' Jake JH MH NAVHDA UT 1

Jake and I started this adventure together in 2000.  He was added to my family for companionship and hiking.  Little did I know how he would change things for me.  Jake and I did so much together and he unlocked a passion for animals and hunting that I had no idea was inside of me.  He sailed through AKC's Junior Hunter before he was 7 months old.  Then we trained for NAVHDA's Natural Ability which he did well in but it wasn't until we got serious about the UTILITY test that we trained seriously.  He and I worked feverishly and he aced his first attempt at the UT test with a Prize 1.  They say some dogs just make you look good and Jake did exactly that.  He made me look like I knew what I was doing.  We then went on to hammer 6 out of 6 Master Hunter tests like it was nothing.  I look back and marvel at all we did before he ever turned 4 years old.  He was one heck of a hunter and pal and it will be forever in my mind.  Jake is still missed in the field and next to me on the couch.  

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Rockwoods Kivalo Sweet Streak "Josie" NA Prize 1

My little dove hunter extraordinaire....Some dogs come along to keep you humble but also keep you laughing.  Josie was exactly that.  She proved to me that she was no Jake and that trying to make her live up to that just wasn't going to happen.  She proved every day that she could take your mind off sadness, stress, or just plain old malaise and provide endless amounts of love and humor.  Her antics were truly unique and she found it quite amusing to steal your shoe and wiggle intensely while playing keep away.  She would walk into a crowd and capture the attention of young and old with her endearing personality.  She truly lived up to the name Sweet Streak because she was by far the sweetest animal I've ever owned.  She was also the very best crippled bird finder and retriever ever.  No wounded pheasant got away from Josie.  She lived almost 13 years with me and I miss her every day because she captured a part of my heart and took it with her.  My sweetest ole girl is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge with Trixie and Jake and likely playing keep away with my favorite sock!

No---- She's not red.  

It's Trixie!

Trixie barrelled into my life with her pint size 50lbs and proved to me that having a dedicated waterfowl dog is a must.  She hunted cold, snowy, icy days with Loren and retrieved up to 3500 birds over her life.  She left us way too early but I still think of her often....  My lil Triximania!